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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ode to those of Abu Zaabal and Tura

By: Suzy Vidal a/k/a Sultana Latifa

Voices too long smothered come to our ears

They tell us of horrendous tales and tears

Keeping their secrets deep in their hearts

To the surface come crying out their hurts

An easy unprotected prey, Jewish were they not?

To bear all the sins of Israel in their flesh and blood

Some have in heavy silence carried their secrets to their tombs

Of physical repeated unbearable and unforgotten wounds

Four hundred helpless unjudged victims unfairly indicted

We cannot close our eyes to the tortures inflicted

The sin of being Jewish must forever be banished

So that neither man nor woman can for this be punished

The years are rapidly flying and our hair is greying

Before it is too late, it is now time to join our hearts in saying

you are among the Just among nations we shall not forget

To those of you up in the Milky Way we pay tribute and respect.

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